My experience: Visiting CrossFit Gera as a foreign tourist

How and why to start CrossFit at CrossFit Gera?

My boyfriend and I are both very passionate crossfitters: at home we usually train four to five times a week and sometimes our four-month-old baby comes along with us (although her training sessions have to still wait a bit, heh). We dare and love to challenge ourselves with this sport. I’d dare to call it our lifestyle. I first tried the CrossFit in Helsinki in 2015, after which I practiced it very occasionally until autumn 2020, when I returned to this sport probably permanently. My boyfriend and I currently live in Finland but as he’s German, we visit his home country at least once a year.


How did we find CrossFit Gera and why this box?

A couple of years ago, when we came to visit family in Thuringia, Germany, we didn’t want to take a two-week break from training. So, we started to look for a suitable CrossFit gym close to where we were staying. The nearest big cities were Jena and Gera, where we thought we could find a good box. After some surfing on the internet, we found two excellent options and finally chose CrossFit Gera. The location was optimal for where we lived, as it was an easy 15-minute drive to the gym. At least from the photos, the gym also seemed clean and it was easy to navigate on the website and find the information we needed. We had a pleasant first impression, so we emailed to one of the owner’s, Jasmin. We received a quick reply from her which gave us an even better impression of the level of service. 

Our first visit was the so-called Drop In. That means we made a one-off visit to the gym instead of a monthly membership. It’s always a big plus when this option is available – especially because then you can try out the gym before committing to membership. The following year when we got a ‚month pass‘. The same was repeated this year. After our first workouts at CrossFit Gera, we didn’t have to look for a place to work out in the following years, as many factors made us stay loyal to this box: 

  • Clean facilities and equipment in good condition 
  • “Awfully lovely” workouts (crossfitters know what this means)
  • Great programming 
  • Absolutely wonderful people!

The last point needs a little more emphasis. The atmosphere at CrossFit Gera is extremely welcoming and supportive. Even two years ago no one seemed to mind that a foreigner who doesn’t even speak the local language properly dropped in the only CrossFit gym in this medium-sized town. Everyone greets each other with a fist bump, introductions are made and during the workouts, others are cheered on to the end. Sometimes the whole training group joins in for the last few reps that the last trainee has left. No one is left alone at this gym which is incredible.

How to start training in CrossFit Gera?

It was easy for us to get started because of our hobby background. We didn’t need a separate course or guidance, we could join in directly with the training sessions instead. It was enough to inform the coaches that you were an experienced CrossFit athlete. In practice, we simply entered the gym, told them which class we were coming to and were directed to the changing rooms. Next it was time to start training. The coaching is of course in German, but coaches are willing to translate into English if needed. It’s hard to get lost in this gym, as everything is in one big space. There is also an outdoor training area for summer training.
Sometimes, even a basic knowledge of weightlifting, powerlifting and bodyweight movements is enough to get you started in CrossFit – as was the case for me. If you are unsure, habe a conversation with the coaches beforehand or tell them your insecurities when you get in contact first. They will help you navigate the right start for you.

If it’s necessary to do the  course, it’s easy to do it in CrossFit Gera through these steps:

  • Step 1: Sign Up for a first meeting and free trial (1,5h) [Book here]
  • Step 2: Decide for the Intro Course and attend (5h) – Jasmin will coordinate it for you
  • Step 3: Finish the course, decide on your plan and start your CrossFit journey

Happy training for you at this great CrossFit box! I hope you’ll enjoy your time there as much I do.

Kiia from Finland